French Bulldog Males

Frenchies make excellent pets for either apartments or homes, and they are comfortable as either city dogs or country dwellers. Frenchies in any environment have one overwhelming need, and that is to be in close contact with the person they love. Due to their inability to tolerate either extreme cold or extreme heat, it is not a consideration to house a Frenchie outdoors. Regardless of temperature, a French Bulldog is happiest when it is with it’s owner, and they enjoy long walks or car drives as much as any breed of dog you may hope to meet.  They do have the rather disconcerting habit of sitting at the feet of any one who dares to sit in their in “their” chair and gazing at them unblinkingly until they move. They don’t bark, beg or paw at them, they merely stare. It’s a frighteningly effective tactic to get people to move. View our males below or view our available puppies.